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Timber Sculpture by Colin Down

Colin Down does not consider himself to be an Artist - rather, an Enhancer.

Nature does the job of creating the art and Colin brings out the natural, aesthetic beauty, producing sculptural forms of extraordinary depth. The finely crafted detail and stunning organic integrity of the work draws the observer into the piece, capturing the imagination and leading it into a mindscape of magical yet comfortingly familiar forms.

Countless hours of painstaking work highlight the natural colours and textures, bringing to life the different forms and shapes inherent in the timber itself.

These timber sculptures can be displayed as a major feature, be used to enhance spaces, or act as a focal point on which to display other items. They are ideal decorator items for foyers, lobbies, entry halls and landings.

The work involved means only a limited number of pieces are released each year. Colin also accepts private commissions, often using material provided by clients themselves.

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Dealer enquiries welcome. Some items are available for lease/rental. Please call for further details.
Delivery costs not included. (F.O.B. Port Macquarie NSW Australia)
Phone (61)  0401 602 957

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