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Timber Sculpture by Colin Down




Beanstalk invokes a plausible flashback to childhood imagination and the land of fairytales. An incredibly difficult piece to work on, the finer filigree of the strangler fig (ficus) had to be left as intact as possible, whilst removing the solid hardwood core.

The results make the hundred of hours worthwhile. To be fully appreciated this work should be viewed both at close range to understand the finesse invoved, and at a distance to allow the imagination some scope.

A rare piece.

A metal stand (black) is included.



Height 2.2m
Width 0.6m
Depth 0.9m

Price:    $AU 85,000

Inspections welcome. Prices Negotiable


Dealer enquiries welcome. Some items are available for lease/rental. Please call for further details.
Delivery costs not included. (F.O.B. Port Macquarie NSW Australia)

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