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Timber Sculpture by Colin Down


Kiwi God


This piece of Australian strangler fig immediately gives the impression of a rib cage or of all-encompassing arms. Strangler figs (ficus) are fast growing parasitic trees that overwhelm their hosts and are found throughout the coastal areas of eastern Australia..

If viewed from the side the topmost portion has a definite facial profile that alludes to the totems seen among the cultures of the South Pacific. The all-encompassing arms signify the protective love for kin and clan.

A pleasure to view.

A metal stand (black) is included.



Height 1.9m
Width 0.5m
Depth 0.5m

Price:    $AU 55,000

Inspections welcome. Prices Negotiable


Dealer enquiries welcome. Some items are available for lease/rental. Please call for further details.
Delivery costs not included. (F.O.B. Port Macquarie NSW Australia)

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